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Bookmyshow is an online platform where people can book tickets while sitting at home. When you book the site you will come across many facilities especially for corporate, gift card, activities, monuments Fanhood, sports, plays, events and many more are available on the site. If you want to book tickets we would advise you to visit the site and get your self registered. Once you get registered, you can easily book whenever you want. For Bookmyshow Ticket, you must log in by entering your user name and password. Put your bank details that are aksed there to get a verification code on your email id that you’ve registered with. Please make a note that we never ask for any of the bank details. You will just be requested to enter your CVV number to make a transaction for online booking tickets.

The ways of booking are simple. In case, you engage with any of the representatives on the phone they will never ask for the personal information of any of your accounts nor will they ask about your user name or your password. If there are some issues regarding your account means unable to login to your account then you can contact the technical person for this. There are many events that are held in different locations like standup comedy, educational speech, or some inspirational speech of various people etc. so for such events you can book tickets beforehand by visiting the site without any interruption.

List of Amenities Offered To Bookmyshow Users

Online Movie Tickets

As we know, Bookmyshow is quite popular in India and many users have increased since it’s released. It is easy to handle by booking tickets simply by sitting at home. You can create an account by registering on the site through entering your email id and the password. If you are a new user then you have to submit some of the general details so that you can log in to the Bookmyshow account. If you don’t know much about the online booking you can contact by dialing on the toll-free number. You can even call on odd hours as they are available all round the clock. Feel free to call them as they know every little detail on this. You can even search for the solution online but if after following a procedure you get stuck somewhere we would recommend you to look up to us.


There are various events that is organized on a day to day life which you can book online on Bookmyshow. The events are organized in various theaters or studios for which you have to book the seats respectively. Events which recently are popular is the stand-up comedy, inspirational speeches, moral science speeches, speeches on the current generation and circumstances, ways of living life, knowledge on technology and a lot more. If you are a good listener and always wish to gain knowledge then this place is surely for you. Book the tickets now and get passes.


In the corporate sector, employees are given benefit of the movie tickets or tickets for the events or the gift cards for shopping. This is a great gift to the employees and even heavy discounts are there during the festive season.

Tickets To Several Monuments

Users get the facility to visit 116 heritage monuments all across India. So if you want to visit the heritage then book online tickets whenever you want. Simply log in to your account and book the tickets to various monuments without any hesitation.

Bookmyshow Buzz

To get the latest news on movies or the reviews you can visit the site on Buzz. You also get the latest news on the regional movies and on the activities. So, if you want to know on the topic related to various movies, events or regional movies visit the site.


Several popular plays are being organized by various theater groups in cinema halls, universities and on so many other occasions for which you have to book in advance for that. Besides plays, singing is also conducted in the studios, theaters and auditoriums. To book a ticket, visit the site and book online. Do the payment online through your debit card or your credit card. Other facilities are also there like online banking or through some money transfer apps.

How To Contact Bookmyshow Customer Care Service Provider?

In case, you are a new user to the site of Bookmyshow and you are facing problem while accessing the site, then the perfect way is to look for solutions online. Still, you are unable to resolve the issue of login or password issues then look for solutions online or the best way is to look up to us. We will instantly provide solutions to the problems of login or forgot the password or unable to book tickets, etc. for all such queries, our service providers are always there to assist you in all round the clock. If you don’t know how to engage with us then you can look for our number which is always running on the screen. Users can even engage with us on odd hours as we are available all round the clock. Book tickets and know the upcoming movies of next year.

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