Indian Railway Reservation-Book Your Tickets Online

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Indian Railways is the biggest rail network in the world, it not only provides maximum employment but also works as a source to transport over millions of passengers on a daily basis with around more than ten thousands of trains.

The availability of online reservation facility has increased the convenience of users. The hassle of long queues, the occurrence of unexpected problems and uncertainty of ticket confirmation are the major problems that have been encountered by the people in case of offline reservations. Well! After the introduction of an online reservation facility, still, there have been so many limitations that were creating the situation of complexity with the users.

What are the problems of offline reservations? how online reservation increases the conveniences? and what ongoing limitations of the ongoing Online Indian Railway Reservation system are in the process of modification? We will cover some major-related points here?

Major Problems of Offline Reservation

The offline reservation is full of inconveniences when it comes to booking tickets either general, or for reservation. Here is a list of few problems:

  • The period during tatkal reservation is full of rush, and when it is the season of vacation, agents and people prebook the tickets owing to which a heavy rush is generated. The second reason behind tatkal is that only a few limited seats are available.
  • The second problem of concern is the number of reservation counters. In case of some festivals, or vacations it is the second responsible reason behind inconvenience during offline reservations.
  • Not every station has sufficient management personnel
  • Inappropriate distribution of vacant seats, and improper usage of reserved quota seats and many others.

How Online Reservation reduces hassles, and increases the conveniences

To know in a basic definition, an online booking system is software that allows a potential customer to book and make payment for a certain activity or service directly via the website. In simple means, if any customer wants to Book Railway ticket by choosing date, time, location and price, then everything is managed online. The process undoubtedly very efficient and gives better outcomes as it not only reduces the workload of official staff, but also increases the convenience of end customers.

A few latest benefits updated by IRCTC For Train reservation

  • A month ago IRCTC recently restored charges of convenience fees on e-tickets
  • Consumers are given a 5% discount facility if they’re paying through UPI’s at railway counters.
  • Finding trains for a particular route, checking reservation status, price and seat availability becomes very easy to track through the website.
  • The separate website of IRCTC, specially provisioned for ticket booking facility gives convenience to users and increases the chances of ticket confirmation during rush hours.
  • The increased speed of the website also increases the chances of Tatkal ticket confirmation.

Frequently Asked Questions- Indian Railway Reservation

Question 1: What are the online ticket boking charges of IRCTC?

Answer: It is good news for all customers, that the ministry of finance has removed the booking charges of IRCTC after the demonetization. However, before it, IRCTC was charging 20 rupees for Non-AC, and 40 for ac class tickets.

Question 2: Are there Payment Gateway ( PG) charges too in train reservation?

Answer: Yes, payment gateway charges 1.8% of the total purchase. IRCTC also charges the same transaction fees, if user books through it.

Question 3: How to book a circular journey ticket?

Answer:  You need to submit a form at the booking office of the station from where you are thinking to start your journey. Once you purchase the circular journey ticket, you should go to the reservation office for reserving accommodation for different sections of your journey.

Question 4: Does Paytm levy any charge while booking train tickets online?

Answer: Users can book train tickets through Paytm without giving any extra charge like PG charge, or some other convenience fees. Earlier Paytm was charging 1.8% of total booking amount.

Question5: What will be the suitable payment gateway for IRCTC?

Answer: If you are booking your ticket through E-Wallet, then it will be the best payment gateway.

Question 6: How to book Tatkal ticket online?

Answer:  A program arranged by Indian Railways allows customers to make attempt for booking tickets also with short notice. Such kinds of booking can be either made online or through railway counters. Known as the Tatkal scheme, it is applicable for all trains across the country. Basically, the booking starts one day before the date of travel.

Some few tips given below will help you to book tatkal ticket successfully:

1- Both online and offline booking starts at 10:00 am, one day before for AC coaches and the booking of sleeper coaches starts at 11 am.

2- The travel date is mentioned when the chart is prepared.

3-Not a complete train is defined as tatkal train

4- The Tatkal tickets that are not sold are assigned to the passengers who are on waiting list

5- In case you cancel the tatkal ticket, you can not expect a refund for this.

If you want to make your travel full of convenience and least of hassles, then register with the IRCTC account, and book your train tickets for your destinations. In case you have any queries related to online ticket booking, or something related, then you can get in touch with us for assistance.